Some of the most successful branding projects start with the simplest beginnings: a concept with soul. Agnitio, a latin word meaning recognition and knowledge, represents the true spirit of the land that is farmed so diligently, with so much dedication and skill. Starting with premium vineyards and ending with premium wines, Agnitio is a gratitude-filled tribute to all those who put so much hard work into the tediously detailed process of winemaking. 

For the brand itself, I worked with Agnitio from inception to give this concept a strong visual voice. Great care was given to the brand personality that would represent this exceptional team and product, effortlessly showing off it's respect for the land, workers, crops and elegant transition from vine to wine. Additionally, Agnitio donates a portion of the sales to the Together We Grow™ program, which gives back towards the education of the workers and their families.

Winemaker: Alexandre Remy

Services by SLD: Branding, Print Media, Art Direction and Design for Website and Digital Marketing, Photography



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