Mapping out the characteristics that define your company is a great tool to jump start the process of developing your brand identity. This form gives important insight to help define your goals, and serves as a creative brief for the design process. The more defined the goals and challenges are, the more we avoid unproductive exploration of concepts, which saves us time and you money. So, let's get started!

Name *
Describe what you do and how you differ from competitors.
Owner information? How long have you been in business? Employee base? Geographical spread?
If you had to describe ONE UNIQUE benefit to using your company/product over a competitor, what would that be?
Do you have existing strategies in place? Do you manage them internally or outsource the management? If you have an existing strategy in place for any of these, please supply a brief overview of those separately. If you work with any outside providers or agencies for these, please list their name/website.
Does the new identity need to complement any existing brands, typefaces or colors? Do you have existing photography that needs to stay the same? Do you have specific colors or phrases that need to be included?
Current Materials *
Please check the current items that you are actively using and will need to be taken into consideration. Please provide any samples you feel are useful to working with or against. Feel free to list any additional items you may need in the last entry box at the bottom of this form.
What is your main goal for the new brand identity? What singular message would you like to communicate? What challenges would you like to address with this new identity?
Demographic information, such as age and gender are necessary, but the real nuggets for creative development and inspiration come by way of the psychographic information you can provide. What does your audience think and feel? What do they love? What do they hate? What are their pain points? This is crucial information to help your designer unveil an innovative approach to communicating with your audience.
Brand Style *
Please check 3-4 options below for the style you envision for your new identity. Please keep in mind some of these may contradict others and apply appropriately.
List a few descriptives that your company represents. (fun, lively, entertaining, mature, forward-thinking, etc)
Please list a few descriptives that your company DOES NOT represent, or is the opposite of. (stuffy, complicated, expensive, etc)
Please paste 2-5 links to your direct competitors here, and briefly note what you DO or DON'T like about their brand approach.
Please paste links to styles, brands or websites you see being a good source of inspiration for your own brand. These are not to copy - these are to get a feel for the visual direction and/or brand promise you align with for your new brand identity. If you have individual images saved, feel free to email directly to me or upload to your Basecamp account if applicable.
What consumer touch points to you plan to push your new identity through? Website, social media, print, advertising, events...all of the above?
Do you have any hard deadlines that need to be taken into consideration? Please include any dates or events that are important to your brand launch and/or marketing efforts.
Please feel free to add any details that you feel are important to your new brand identity. The more I know, the better I can tailor the solution to your needs.